About KSA

Meet Eric.
KSA owner and operator.

Eric’s background is in the guiding industry. He is an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides certified Ski Guide with over 14 years heli-ski and ski-mountaineering experience. Before that he was a Pro Ski Patrol on Whistler Mountain for 11 seasons and had a summer river guiding business. Eric always wanted to fly helicopters and heli-ski guiding fueled the dream. In 2006 Eric started his aviation training. He simultaneously learned how to fly helicopters with Chinook Helicopters in Abbotsford BC, and gliders with Pemberton Soaring Adventures in his home town. Over fifteen yearslater he is now a mountain flying specialist with over 7000 hours experience. He has worked in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, North West Territories, Nunavut, Hawaii, Washington, and Nepal. He is a Flight Instructor both Transport Canada Glider and FAA Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Helicopter. Eric currently works for High Terrain Helicopters as Chief Pilot in Nelson BC. Despite becoming a Helicopter Mountain Pilot with experience in the highest mountains in the world, Eric’s love for the outdoors and gravity sports is still his joy. To fly with minimal carbon footprint is the way of the future.

Kokanee Soaring Adventures is born of this motivation and dream. With minimal engine assistance used the Diamond HK36 climbs to altitude. The engine is turned off and the high aspect ratio glider wings carry the pilot and passenger. Soaring is the sport of seeking thermal lift and delighting in the natural air currents. Gliding and soaring  is a pure gravity sport. Your pilot can silently glide smoothly back to a landing or look for lift to climb higher and stay up longer using only long wings, experience, and natural rising air currents. Soaring is true sky surfing, using altitude, airspeed, lift and sink to play with the wild blue sky.

KSA Philosophy
- Soar like an eagle with a low carbon footprint

Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird - Neil Armstrong